Photos are the illustrations in the story of your life. Each one captures a special moment. . . a memory to save and share with friends or family.

Those precious photos should be given the unique treatment they deserve. If they are old and need restoring because they are faded, torn or cracked, if they are more recent and need brightening, a special background, artistic enhancing or fixing small flaws.

I can do all that and much more.

There are so many ways to enhance or restore those special memories. . . see the Services and Samples page. Perhaps you have your own ideas of how you want your photo to look. Send me an email and we can discuss all the possibilities.

There will be no charge unless you are completely satisfied with my service and be assured that no alterations will be done to your original photo. . . all work is done on a high quality scan

Photos Restored Plus • Muriel Levison •