Basic restoration services includes repairing:

  • faded or discolored areas
  • cracks, creases, and tears
  • damaged and missing areas of face and body

Additional services include:

  • Adding or changing backgrounds
  • brightening or darkening
  • enlarging
  • silhouetting
  • digital cosmetic surgery: removing blemishes, wrinkles, slimming, etc
  • changing hair color
  • removing red eye
  • photo collages
  • removing objects or people
  • adding someone or something from another photo
  • colorizing
  • posters
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Now that you’ve seen some samples, why don’t you go to the pricing page to get an idea of what it will cost to make that damaged or less than perfect photo an even more cherished memory. Remember. . .there will be no charge unless you are completely satisfied with my service and I am always open to changes and suggestions.

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