For photos that need restoring it would be preferable to see the original to assess, more accurately, what work has to be done. I can also give you an estimate of a scanned image sent by e-mail. For instructions on sending either the original or a scan, see below


The original photograph should be scanned in CMYK color mode (even if it's a black and white print) at 600 dpi. Do not resize or make any changes to the scanned image. You can save the scan as a JPEG. For best results a high quality, high resolution scanner is recommended. If the photo was taken with a digital camera, send it as an e-mail attachment. If the scan is too large to e-mail we will set you up with an ftp address to send it to.

Sending photograph to be scanned

If you mail the original photo, please pack it carefully. Wrap the photo with tissue paper and it should be sent in a sturdy box preferably through a mailing service where you can track and insure it. PhotosRestoredPlus is not responsible for any damaged or lost mail. When you send your photo, please indicate what you want done.

For further instructions and information contact me at:

Payment information

After your photo has been received and evaluated I will e-mail you an estimate of the costs within a few days. When the estimate is approved, depending on the work that has to be done... anywhere from one week to ten days, I will e-mail a proof of the restored or retouched photo for your approval. As I said before I will continue to make modifications until you are completely satisfied.

If you are not completely satisfied with the work done, or do not approve of my estimate I will only charge you for the cost of returning your original photo via USPS Registered Mail which is about $7

When I get your final approval, payment can be made via check, credit card, debit card, or bank account transaction. Once payment has been received I will send you the original photo, a scan of the restored or retouched photo on a CD and, if ordered, prints of the new photo.

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